John Blake

John Blake

John S. Blake – Associate

Mr. Blake has over 25 years of providing leadership in all major facets of the Healthcare industry. He has served in leadership roles in major hospital systems, physician organizations and several health plans. Prior to joining Beam Partners he served as a Regional Vice President of UniCare/WellPoint for the Greater North Texas area, which included North, East and West Texas. His team was responsible for all provider contracting, provider relations, credentialing and numerous cost of care initiatives.

Mr. Blake has over ten years of leadership experience with Hospital Systems, where he developed programs and products which provided new revenue opportunities. He also enhanced relationships with physicians, health plans and the community. He improved size and scope of payer agreements and increased both admissions and revenues both on inpatient and outpatient levels. He worked extremely well with medical staff assisting with them problem areas and also developing new physician opportunities. His teams were responsible for all payer contracts and improvements in reimbursement were a hallmark of their efforts.  He developed a joint venture with HealthSource to develop an HMO to compete with a major hospital system that offered a multi product health plan.

Mr. Blake also has 6 years leadership experience working with physicians. He was the CEO of  EyeCare and Surgery Center of North Texas which produced over 8 million dollars in annual revenue. Under his leadership the practice opened 3 outpatient surgery centers in Dallas, Fort Worth and Greenville, Texas.  Additionally, he served as Regional Vice President for OnCare, a national oncology network.

Mr. Blake received his BS in Education and Business from North Texas State University and his Masters in Business and Human Relations from Abilene Christian in Dallas (Amber). He has further Executive Development through attendance in the Managed Healthcare Program for Executives at Harvard University and Management in Hypercompetitive industries at Dartmouth College.